He’s not Corey, but Kyle Seager is a Team’s Dream

SEATTLE, WA - SEPTEMBER 23: Kyle Seager /

Kyle Seager is putting together a very nice career. The Mariners third baseman is an underrated star in the game of baseball.

A Kyle Seager type-player is becoming more and more of a rarity every year. 150 plus games in six full seasons is nothing to sniff at. Who wouldn’t love a guaranteed regular with all-star capabilities playing third base day in and day out? At the hot corner, Seager is overlooked, but his consistency puts him at the top of the ranks.

Last season on MLB’s players weekend, Like all the players, Kyle’s last name was not shown on his back. Displaying his character, the last name on his back was “Corey’s Brother,” in reference to the star in the family.

But while the older Seager doesn’t have all the tools his younger brother displays, Kyle’s brother will be lucky if he could be as a consistent as the Mariners third baseman.

The Player

The glove is a pitcher best friend, and most recently James Paxton’s best friend. During Big Maple’s no-hit bid, there were a number of threatening hard hit ground balls. But sadly for the Toronto Blue Jays, they were hit to third.

The combination of Seager’s glove and arm strength not only won Paxton a no-hitter but over time have led to many wins for the Seattle ball club.

As a lifetime .261/.330/.446 hitter, fans wouldn’t expect you to accumulate multiple 4+ WAR seasons, but for Seager, his value is brought on the daily, all over the field. The guy plays the game hard and the right way, he is the most underrated player in baseball.

But don’t get me wrong, the man can hit a baseball, and in a park as big as Safeco Field, 20 or more runs on the yearly is not an easy thing to do.

Why Corey is Corey

Corey Seager is an exceptional talent, but when you have a brother like Kyle in your house, it is not a surprise why he’s as good as he is. And more importantly, it is not surprising why he’s as mature as he is.

The Seager’s play the game with class, and for Corey, his talent sometimes overshadows his class. A way of handling himself that not many his age can. It’s the Seager way.

There are only 30 teams in baseball, and Mariners fans don’t realize how lucky they are to have one of only two Seager’s in the bigs.