MLB Power Rankings 2: Do The Mariners Move Up?

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - APRIL 04: Ichiro Suzuki
SAN FRANCISCO, CA - APRIL 04: Ichiro Suzuki /
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Power Rankings: The Middle Class

This next group of teams is mostly playoff contenders, at least at the moment. Here, you will find teams who could make some noise in the Wild Card races, or perhaps, surprisingly challenge for a division championship.

  • 19- Atlanta Braves

  • 18- Philadelphia Phillies

  • 17- Pittsburgh Pirates

  • 16- Minnesota Twins

  • 15- Toronto Blue Jays

  • 14- St. Louis Cardinals

  • 13- Los Angeles Angels

  • 12. Seattle Mariners

  • 11. New York Mets

Let’s start where I am sure most of you want to begin. After coming in at #13 in our last set of Power Rankings, the Mariners move up slightly to number 12. While I am still not convinced their pitching is good enough to get the 85-88 wins they’ll need to break their playoff drought, I am more optimistic than I was.

Felix Hernandez has had 3 pretty solid starts, and James Paxton has gotten better in each of his 4 starts as well. Mike Leake has been as steady as ever. After that… well, let’s just say its complicated.

I still have them slightly ahead of the Angels because, well, I still think they have a better roster. Perhaps the biggest jump on our ranks is the Mets, who are a National League best 12-4 start. Their rotation is coming into form, and their offense is just good enough to keep things interesting.

Toronto is off to a good start as well, and the Twins are still right in the thick of things despite their inability to play games. There is a ton of talent in this grouping and is easily the most fluid of our 3 tiers.