MLB Power Rankings: Where Do the Mariners Fall?

SEATTLE, WA - APRIL 1: Relief pitcher Edwin Diaz
SEATTLE, WA - APRIL 1: Relief pitcher Edwin Diaz /
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The Top Shelf  1-10

Finally, we reach the top of the standings. The cream of the crop. The best of the best. In short, a place where Mariners fans hope to find themselves in 2018.

  • 10. Milwaukee Brewers

  • 9. Arizona Diamondbacks

  • 8. Colorado Rockies

  • 7. Boston Red Sox

  • 6. Cleveland Indians

  • 5. Chicago Cubs

  • 4. New York Yankees

  • 3. Washington Nationals

  • 2. Los Angeles Dodgers

  • 1. Houston Astros

As is the case with the other groupings, a large chunk of these teams are interchangeable. In fact, teams 2-7 can go in any order, and I could make a case for each one to be number 2. However, the Houston Astros are my hands down best team in baseball right now.

The rotation is so stacked, that the Astros 6 and 7 starters would be 3’s on a majority of MLB starting rotations. The lineup boast 3 potential MVP candidates ( 4 if you count my dark horse Alex Bregman) along with a deep bullpen and lineup.

Other places, I put New York ahead of Boston because I like the bullpen and lineup more. Boston has a better rotation, but still has serious question marks in its back half. Los Angeles gets the nod over Washington by a literal coin toss, and both have a slight edge over the Cubs, because of their ability to add useful pieces in season, something the Cubs could struggle with in 2018.

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The final list will surely look different from this. But with only 1 week of new data to go on, this list uses a heavy reliance on the past years success. The real question for most of you, is how high can the Mariners end up? Only time will tell. Could they fall into the Top 10? Sure. After all, its only been a week. Why give up all hope now?