Sodo Mojo’s Mariners Round Table: We Watched Games

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Question 4: Fill in the blank: The Mariners Injuries in 2018 Have Been ______?

Ty Gonzalez:

Eye-opening. This team has succeeded without three of their best hitters in Gamel, Zunino, and Cruz so far. It’s made me realize just how scary this lineup will be once everyone’s fully healthy.

Michael Johnson:

Brutal, but not devastating. Thankfully these injuries came early in the year and not during a playoff push. Yes, despite there being 162 games each one counts. But it is always better to have your guys down the stretch. Thankfully the top 2/3 of the order has been good enough to weather the storm. With how bad the bottom 1/3 of the lineup has been though, it is obvious this team needs Zunino in there. And as a quick closing statement concerning the Cruz injury… Boomstick was on pace for 162 HR. What a shame. I guess we’ll just have to settle for 152.

Jeff Nooney:

The Mariners injuries have been about normal, in my opinion. Cruz rolled an ankle walking down steps. Zunino and Gamel will be back. The Phelps injury sucks, but if you’re going to lose a player for the season you want it to be a reliever. The sky isn’t falling, and it could be a lot worse.

Colton Swanson:

The injuries are ANNOYING. That’s the word. Zunino’s is rough after such a good year last year. Cruz needs to be carried down the stairs after homeruns from now on because that is such a dumb way to hurt yourself. Every game counts for the Mariners and to lose arguably their best player to a slip down the stairs is so Mariners. But that means Vogey gets to DH so like… pick your poison.

Colby Patnode:

Non- debilitating? Despite the seemingly endless string of injuries this spring, the only Mariners who will miss significant time is David Phelps. Ryon Healy didn’t miss a game (although looks very rusty), Ben Gamel is ahead of schedule, and the team has even appeared to catch a break with Cruz and Zunino.

It’ll be exciting to see this lineup play with it’s actual projected starting 9, assuming we actually get to see it for an extended period. But overall, the Mariners have been quite fortunate to be as healthy as they are.

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Dan Clark:

The Mariners injuries so far have seemed minor. Hopefully all the injuries so far with the exception of Phelps have been minor and all will hopefully be back by about the start of May. It’s not good Zunino and Cruz aren’t playing but (touch wood) they aren’t major injuries either.