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SAN FRANCISCO, CA - APRIL 03: Jean Segura /
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Question 3: Have Your Expectations Changed Since Spring Training?

SEATTLE, WA – MARCH 29: Starter Felix Hernandez
SEATTLE, WA – MARCH 29: Starter Felix Hernandez /

Ty Gonzalez:

Somewhat negatively, actually. Well, in terms of the bullpen. Juan Nicasio and Nick Vincent have been pretty shaky so far. I don’t feel confident in them holding leads from what I’ve seen so far. I really thought they were going to be the strongest aspect of this team.

Michael Johnson:

To have made it through one rotation of the starters with a 3-1 record is great. But I’m not ready to change my expectations just yet. If this season is going to end with baseball in October, Felix and Paxton need to stay healthy and both be great. Not for a week, for the entire season. The lineup will also have to be as good as we think they can be. And the injuries across the entire 25-man roster will have to be limited.

My expectation out of spring was they’d win more games than last year, but would struggle to get into the playoff mix. After a week of real baseball, let’s just say I am hopeful they exceed my expectations.

Jeff Nooney:

My expectations have really stayed the same. We’ve seen Felix look like Jeckle and Hyde and Paxton be terrible (albeit 1 start) and this team is 3-2. Their offense has been tremendous, and I don’t see that changing. Need the pit him go to be more consistently they want to keep this up.

Colton Swanson:

I wouldn’t say my expectations have changed much yet. I do feel like the M’s have a legitimate shot at the 2nd wild card.  The pitching has been as advertised as long as we see a Paxton bounce back against the Twins.

Colby Patnode:

No. Go Mariners. Next question.

Dan Clark:

My expectations haven’t changed since opening day. I don’t usually change my thoughts on the team day-to-day it takes me a while to change my thoughts on them but I like what I see so far.