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SAN FRANCISCO, CA - APRIL 03: Jean Segura /
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Question 2: Who’s Early Season Performance Has You Most Excited?

Ty Gonzalez:

Mitchell Evan Haniger, All-Star. The man is seeing the ball so well and has come up in clutch situations. FanGraphs already has him worth half a win and he’s earned every bit of that.

Michael Johnson:

Mitch Haniger. After a 2017 season that was interrupted by injury, watching this kid come out and perform the way he has been fantastic. We all knew we were getting an all-star in Jean Segura in the trade that sent Taijuan Walker and Ketel Marte to the Diamondbacks. But to get Haniger as a “throw in” of sorts is turning that trade into a gem.

His confidence at the plate, the approach he takes into each at bat, and the fact he has guys on base in front of him… It kind of feels like stars are aligning and *queue the far too early overreaction* they are leading #17 right to the all-star game!

Jeff Nooney:

I am most excited about Dee Gordon. He’s made some incredible catches in center, and has been great at the plate. Bunt singles, stolen bases and even a home run, you have got to be excited about this guy. Best leadoff hitter the M’s have had since early Ichiro.

Colton Swanson:

Dee Gordon is everything that the Mariners need. He is a spark plug and brings life to the team. He’s always bring it energy no matter the situation. Marco also looked good in San Fran and, my daily Dan Vogelbach plug, the Large Adult Son looked good shooting a double the other way on Wednesday.

Colby Patnode:

Ichiro. Hahaha, just kidding. Well, since we have already seen 2 Gordon selections, and 2 Haniger’s, I’ll be different and say Robinson Cano. Forget the numbers, which are great, and just watch him hit. He is turning on the inside fastball, using the whole field, and not swinging at bad pitches.

All this bodes well for Cano, a player the Mariners desperately need to be great in 2018.

Dan Clark:

The early season performances that have excited me so far have been Dee Gordon at the top of the lineup and the outing from Marco Gonzales. Dee’s speed has definitely been a game changer at the top of the lineup. Marco in my eyes pitches really well in SF. My favorite early season performance has been from Mitch Haniger. I went into detail before the season in our ‘My Guy’ series we ran here at Sodo Mojo of why Haniger will have a great season and he has been so far even better than I thought.