Can The Mariners Finally Have The Fast Start We Have Always Wanted?

SEATTLE, WA - MARCH 29: Starter Felix Hernandez
SEATTLE, WA - MARCH 29: Starter Felix Hernandez /

An April winning record is something that has eluded the Seattle Mariners on 8 out of the 10 seasons dating back to 2008. A fast start this season could very well help us in the long run because wins now are just as important as they are at the end of the season.

The importance of a fast start for our 2018 Seattle Mariners is vital for a successful season, so important that it is hard to express in words. During the last ten seasons, the Mariners have finished April with a better than .500 record twice. In 2009, they started 13-9 and went on to win 85 games.

In 2016, they started 13-10 and finished 86-76 and played to the final days of the season. 2014 was different in that they overcame a slow April to just miss playoffs. They went 11-14 in April that year and finished one game out. Just a .500 record in April would have seen them in the postseason.

The drought continues. If your 2018 Mariners want to end the drought and get to play games in October, one thing for sure is they need to get off to a hot start. Just in case you  forgot the last ten months of April,  I’ve found them for you. Warning, it’s not pretty reading.

After one turn through the rotation, be it only a four-man rotation, we are 3-1. The last time they got off to a 3-1 start was 6 years ago. Although these are all very small samples, they have all ended in the same situation, with the Mariners going on holidays in October every year since 2001.

This April, the Mariners have 7 games against Cleveland (already 2-1) and 4 against the reigning World Series Champions, Houston Astros, who come to town on the 17th, but rest of these games are extremely winnable.

On the current road trip, we have San Francisco for two then off to Minnesota for three and Kansas City for three. The Minnesota series will be a big series for us because it’s believed the Twins will be one of the teams in which we could very well be battling for in the wildcard race. We also have upcoming series with Oakland, Texas and Chicago White Sox which again should be ours to win.

Take a glance at the Mariners record in April, and see how it correlated to their season long success:

April Record     Overall Record

2017:  11-15          78-84

2016: 13-10           86-76

2015: 10-12           76-86

2014: 11-14           87-75

2013: 12-17           71-91

2012: 11-13           75-87

2011: 13-15           67-95

2010: 11-12           61-101

2009: 13-9             85-77

2008: 13-15          61-101

The schedule will turn sooner rather than later and we must, as we say in Australia, ‘make hay while the sun shines’ meaning we must get some wins under our belt while we can and before the schedule gets tricky.

Our rotation had been the biggest worry this offseason, and while the lack of any major additions has left the fan-base scratching our heads, they have looked solid through the first-time round. Again, I know this is all a very small sample size and aren’t getting ahead of ourselves here but we have liked what we have seen so far with Felix, Leake and Marco today. Paxton seems to be struggling in his outing giving up 2 long balls, 6 runs and didn’t get through 5 innings.

Pax seemed to struggle with his delivery and never looked settled and comfortable against the Indians, but I have no doubt he will fix this up in his next start at Minnesota on Friday.

Let’s keep rolling with the strong outings so far and lets all cross our fingers we can buck the trend and finally get off to that fast start we have been after for basically ten years.

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Let’s go Mariners and peace out from down under!