Top 10 Mariners Fantasy Baseball Team Names

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It’s almost that time of year again. With Spring Training well underway, it’s time to start thinking about getting into a Fantasy League. Whether you’re a stats guru or just a casual player, the right team name can take forever to create. Something generic such as Pocket Full of Poseys or Trout Fishing is overused.

It’s time to step your game to the next level. If you’re a Mariners fan, which you must be or you wouldn’t be here, then these names are for you.

10. We Bought a Zunino

This is an easy one. The team name is derived from a mediocre movie and your favorite Mariners catcher Mike Zunino. It’s not particularly creative however Mike Zunino is garnering some fantasy hype this year. Drafting Z in an auction draft with this team name will make you sound like a genius. I used this name last year and I took 2nd in the league, so take that as you will.

9. Ford Vogelbus

I’m a little biased to this one. The position battle between Mike Ford and Daniel Vogelbach at first base makes for a goldmine of fantasy names. Picture a bus with Vogey’s face on the front and then Mike Ford as the make of the bus. Theoretically, the bus could being carrying the players you draft. The shelf life of this one could be short depending on the outcome entering the season, so use it while you can.

8: Rollin’ in my Healys

Speaking of the position battle at first base, the projected starting first baseman has a name that makes the cut. Healys used to be all the rage and they are making a comeback both on your fantasy team and on the diamond. I’m sure the former A’s third basemen is tired of the Healys jokes but that’s comedy baby.

7. Leake in the Ship

A fitting name for a Mariners team that hasn’t made the playoffs in 17 years. Really though, who would have thought that Mariners having a Leake would be a good thing? Maybe that bodes well for your fantasy season as well. Or maybe not.

6. Big Maple Syrup 

After last year’s performance by James Paxton, who earned himself the nickname “Big Maple”, it’s time he becomes a Fantasy name. If James can stay healthy, he may lead the Mariners to a big year. He is current ranked 82nd on ESPN draft order so looking for him after the first few rounds could end up being a steal. You’ll look even smarter if the Canadian gets the Opening Day nod.

5. Booze Cruz

While a pretty common name, this one has some added value when it’s for the Mariners and Nellie. There’s a long running internet meme that says “This team makes me drink” with a Mariners logo on it. While a thumbnail of Nellie wearing this meme as a t-shirt is not readily available, the name fits. Nelson is one of five Mariners breaking the top 100 in ESPN’s rankings in 2017.

4. The Travels of Marco Gonzales 

This one takes some thinking and a back story. There was a book written way back when called “The Travels of Marco Polo” which chronicled, you guessed it, the traveling done by Marco Polo. Although Marco Gonzales hasn’t done a ton of traveling yet, the Mariners do travel more than most teams in the MLB. Marco has a shot at the 5th starter spot and if he makes the team, he will do a lot of traveling.

Also, in the game of Marco Polo played in the pool, one player covers their eyes while trying to find the other players. Sometimes that’s what the Mariners look like at the plate.

3. Deefense Wins Championships

Hopefully the addition of an extra “e” brings a smirk to someone’s face. We all know new center fielder Dee Gordon is making the transition from 2B to the outfield. His shortened name of “Dee” makes for a plethora of different team name combinations. Dee has changed positions twice now and he has always succeeded on de(e)fense so the name fits like a glove. Plus you’ll look like a genius if you win the league.

2. 902Cano

A Mariners take on the show “90210”. Pair that with “The Cano Show” from last year’s Mariners commercials and you have a league winning team name. Ideally, naming your team after our $24M man will bring you some cash in your money leagues. Hopefully, your season is a little less dramatic than the show based on Beverly Hills teens.

1. Flow Bros and Co

This one is my personal favorite. Some teams, such as the Red Sox, like to act as if they have the Lord’s of Locks. These teams have clearly never watched the tandem of Ben Gamel and Taylor Motter play a game. They make up our “Flow Bros” and then the rest of the team makes up the “Co” part of the name. Unfortunately, Mike Leake cut his hair so he becomes part of the “Co” instead of the “Flow”. I wouldn’t be shocked if Kevin Martinez and the Mariners commercial crew produces something similar to the Cubs “Bryzzo” commercial where Motter and Gamel sell wigs or something.

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Fantasy baseball names are all in good fun. There are countless possibilities, both appropriate and not so much. Even if you have an awful draft, a good team name can turn your season around. So get out there, get drafting and set yourself up to succeed with one of these All-Star team names.