SoDo Mojo’s Hall of Fame Ballot Series, Part 2

SEATTLE - OCTOBER 2: Edgar Martinez
SEATTLE - OCTOBER 2: Edgar Martinez /
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Ballot Choice #8: Omar Vizquel

Since I’ve hamstrung my ballot from the get-go by not including known steroid users, it’s getting a bit tougher now. With that said, longevity, body of work, defensive wizardry and speed earn Omar Vizquel a place on my ballot.

And why not? Granted, it was a different era and via the Veteran’s Committee, but Pee Wee Reese made it in on the strength of a .269/.366/.377 slash, amassing 2,170 hits and a dWAR of 25.6. Vizquel’s .272/.336/.352, 2877 hits and dWAR of 28.4 (10th all time) match up well. Furthermore, Vizquel stole 172 more bags than Reese and earned 10 gold gloves, second to Ozzie Smith among shortstops.

It’s only his first time on the ballot, so Little O shouldn’t be overly concerned with his 29.1% ballot inclusion this year. He’s got plenty of time.