SoDo Mojo’s Hall of Fame Ballot Series, Part 2

SEATTLE - OCTOBER 2: Edgar Martinez
SEATTLE - OCTOBER 2: Edgar Martinez /
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Ballot Choice #4: Larry Walker

If I’m voting for Edgar, I’ve got to vote for Larry Walker. Walker may have played most of his career in a park (Coors Field) where I could hit a teed-up wiffle ball over the fence, but it’s not as if chose his zip code. Oh wait, he did.

Nevertheless, Walker’s numbers stack up: a .313/.400/.565 slash line, leading the league in homers in 1997 (49) and surpassing 100 RBIs five times.  He won the National League batting title three times, slugging percentage twice, OPS twice, all while collecting seven gold gloves. He even swiped 33 bags in 1997.

Walker’s career WAR of 72.6 is right up there with the big boys. Unfortunately, his 38.9% isn’t going to make it happen this year.