The Mariners should become aggressive sellers this trade season

SEATTLE, WA - JUNE 28: Nelson Cruz
SEATTLE, WA - JUNE 28: Nelson Cruz /
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Kyle Seager

SEATTLE, WA – JULY 07: Kyle Seager /

Now, before you go into conniptions over Kyle Seager being on this list, let’s acknowledge that he’s probably the best piece the Mariners have to deal. I mean Paxton and Segura are solid too, but the Mariners have made their commitment to Segura, and I think the Mariners would be hesitant to drop a quality starter at the moment.

Seager is a proven, but young player who has high upside even if 2017 isn’t going the best for him. The M’s could likely swap Seager for a collection of prospects, and third base, while pretty packed with talent, isn’t really as hard to  deal as DH is.

Possible partners I could see on a Seager swap could be: Texas, as Joey Gallo isn’t really hacking it with his .194 BA. Maybe Philadelphia would be interested. They’re definitely going to be sellers this year, but Seager could be too attractive to pass up, and the Phillies have a pretty nice farm currently. The White Sox could be looking to boost as well.

I know I mentioned the Yankees with Cruz, but Headley isn’t exactly the greatest either, and they are definitely in a spot where adding young talent is great. Seager could be a huge boost to an already great Yankees team.

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Let me just say, I do not enjoy the thought of seeing Seager leave. The guy is a stud across the board and a fan favorite as well as a personal favorite of mine. Thinking about someone else manning the hot corner at Safeco is a little weird, but sometimes tough moves like this have to be made, and hopefully the Mariners make the right ones to set themselves up for 2018.