Mariners, Segura Avoid Arbitration With 6.2 Million Dollar Deal


Yesterday, the Mariners and their new star shortstop, Jean Segura, came to a 6.2 million dollar deal, avoiding arbitration and the hearings that go along with it to determine a proper salary.

I have always been from the school of thought that believes that fewer hearings are better for a relationship.

Although the relationships forged in the sporting world are vastly different than those between two people in the “real” world, life in both circles becomes complicated, especially when talking about money -in this case, a paycheck.

Thankfully the two sides came to the agreement of 6.2 million dollars; a figure that both parties are surely very pleased about.

For Segura, the 6.2 million dollars is more than a  200% increase from his salary last year.

Statistically, the raise makes a lot of sense.

Aside from lifting his batting average over .60, he drew three times as many walks, legged out more than twice as many doubles, and easily set career-highs in home runs hits, runs scored, bases stolen, and hits tallied in 2016 -his 203 hits were a national league best.

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Altogether, his stats earned him the 13th most votes for the national league MVP, at the age of 26.

For the Mariners, they have no problem with that figure considering the facts I just laid out.

Even though Segura was arguably one of the best players in all of baseball last year -playing second base as opposed to his regular position at short- he will be paid as though he is the ninth best at his primary position behind names like Asdrubal Cabrera, Troy Tulowitzki, Elvis Andrus, and J.J. Hardy, the latter of which are making more than double what Segura will be cashing in.

Tulowitzki will be making more than three times the Marines shortstop.

Last season, Segura was statistically better than all of those men in various categories including doubles, batting average and stolen bases to name as few.

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One thing that can be said about the contract of Jean Segura is that both he and that Mariners can say they won this version of “Let’s Make A Deal”. Now, let us hope that Mariners fans will be equally satisfied with the deal after his performance in 2017.