M’s Eliminated From Postseason Contention


Yesterday solidified what we had already known for a while.

The Mariners won’t be playing in October. The M’s lost to the Angels, the site of several horrors this season (and several others).

There’s plenty of time throughout the long, cold offseason to pinpoint where it exactly went wrong this year for the Mariners. There was a lot of failure in the bullpen, some inconsistency in the offense, Kyle Seager and Robinson Cano weren’t able to get hot at the same time until it was too late.

All of the above. Injuries to the starting rotation too. Better than expected play in the division by the Rangers and Astros.

It all adds up. The Mariners aren’t playing in October.

The thing you should be happy about if you’re a Mariners fan is this:

The Astros. The Rangers. The Pirates. The Royals. The Blue Jays. The Cubs.

They’ve all been horrible for years, and for most of the last decade. And they all have a reasonable chance to make the playoffs. Some have already clinched.

There’s some glimmer of hope. If it can happen in those cities, it can happen in Seattle.

But it just won’t happen this year.

But hey, the Seahawks won yesterday and are now 1-2. Maybe the ‘Hawks will go on a great run in the NFC for all of us who are soured from baseball season.

Remember where the Seahawks came from to get to prominence? If it can happen in football in this city, it can happen in baseball.

Go M’s!

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