Fernando Rodney Traded to Cubs


There’s some things that just aren’t fair in life. No one likes seeing their Ex improve. It hurts to know that while you tried so hard, and were hurt so bad, that they are actually making out better this time around.

Such is the case now for the jilted-lovers that are the Seattle Mariners…sigh….

While the Mariners toil in second-to-last place in the AL West, and near the bottom of the American League in general, Fernando Rodney now gets to go to the Cubs and play in a pennant race. Fernando Rodney could be headed to the playoffs and he could go to the World Series.

Fernando Rodney is one of the reasons the Mariners won’t be doing those things, and he may get to do them anyways.

What a cynical world we live in.

And of course, if anyone can salvage the career of Rodney, it’s Joe Maddon. Maddon, the guru who seems to be able to get the best out of anyone, and who got the best of Rodney during his tenure in Tampa Bay.

So, there you have it. The Mariners are going home when the season ends, set to go back to the drawing board. Fernando Rodney may have helped lose Jack Z and Lloyd’s jobs. And now, Fernando Rodney is going to get the chance to play in a playoff race.

Life’s not fair sometimes, folks.

Go M’s!

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