Monty Goes to Hill vs. A’s in Game 2


The 57-68 Seattle Mariners play host to the 55-71 Oakland Athletics tonight in Game 2 of a two-game set at Safeco Field. Once more, I’d like to see the Mariners win, but the final score is no longer as relevant as the process that goes into the rest of the season. The M’s just need to play good baseball. They did that last night for three innings. Hopefully today they can put nine good ones together today.

My notes as followed:

1. Remember when Mike Montgomery was really good earlier this season? I do too, and he needs to get back to what made him successful. Getting ahead and keeping the ball down. He could be in the rotation next year and the M’s need to continue to see if they can develop his consistency.

2. Kyle Seager, of course. After hitting sixth on Sunday against a LHP, Seager is back at No. 2 again. One of the best hitters on the M’s roster, he’s been too streaky this season. Hopefully he gets hot over the next month.

3. Ketel Marte.

Those are the numbers the M’s need out of the top of the order. I like the stolen bases, as the M’s haven’t had a good stolen base threat since Ichiro.

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