Lineups and What to Look For


Here it is: The first day of the “Rest of 2015.” At this point, I really care about the Mariners still. But I care more about the process and the moral victories than I do the actual final score. It’s just another lost season at this point, but plenty good can still come out of it.

Things We Can Pay Attention to Today:

1. Kyle Seager is hitting sixth. Kyle Seager is a great player. He has not hit well in the second half. He is way better than a six hitter, but maybe the change will do him good.

2. Franklin Gutierrez is hitting fifth. Franklin Gutierrez remains awesome. We need to see him in Seattle in 2016.

3. Ketel Marte in the leadoff spot. Let the kid play. See if the kid can hit. A switch hitter with speed? Sounds like something the M’s need for years.

4. Brad Miller. I want Brad Miller to find a consistent stroke at the plate. We’ll see what he can do in this final month.

5. Taijun Walker. He’s got great stuff and he’s got all the makings of the M’s next great ace. Can he put together some consistency in this last few starts? Considering how he began 2015, it’s not that bad a statline.

6. The bullpen: Musical chairs down there continues. I know relievers are volatile, but I think this is the worst bullpen blowup I’ve ever seen. This is the first day post-Fernando Rodney. Some of you can really rejoice.

Go M’s!

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