I’m Done With Fernando Rodney


It took me nearly a full year. Our co-editor, Brian Helberg, has been over it for a long time.

Despite the blown saves, and the heart-wrenching saves that were converted, I had stuck with Fernando Rodney.

I don’t anymore.

Why did I stick it out so long? I used to play. I remember how hard the game is. I used to pitch. I remember how lonely the mound can be.

I’ve been Fernando Rodney before. I’ve let my team down. I’ve let myself down. I feel for pitchers in a rough spot. Even when Rodney lost his closers spot, I rooted for him to regain the trust of the fans and to salvage the rest of the season and before riding off into his free agent year as just another underachieving Mariner.

But after last night? I’m out. My Fernando Rodney stock is sold.

The M’s trailed 4-3 last night and Rodney promptly came in, dyed beard and all, and gave up multiple runs. He didn’t throw strikes. He didn’t seem to care.

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And that’s what hurt me. Deep down, I always believed Fernando Rodney cared about his troubles. That he was working on the side to correct them. I no longer think that.

The Mariners season has been all but done for a while. A loss in either of the next two games really cements it.

But regardless if the Mariners are done or not, I’m now done with Fernando Rodney.

Go M’s!

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