Mariners Make Lineup Change in Lieu of Ackley Trade


Dustin Ackley was in the original lineup for today’s series opener with the Twins. Thus, there were some late changes to the M’s lineup, and here’s the lineup we get instead:


1. No Robinson Cano again today. He has a strained abdominal muscle and Lloyd McClendon hopes he can DH by tomorrow. That’s a huge blow to an offense in desperate need of a spark after this week’s awful disappointment against the Diamondbacks.

2. Furthermore, no Logan Morrison and no Ackley following the trade. The Mariners have essentially no bench today, but they do have Jesus Sucre!

3. The Twins are reeling, but they still have the second wild card spot right now. They are 7.0 ahead of the Mariners, and the M’s have a real chance to at least make it interesting if they can pull themselves out of the gutter.

4. I’m happy we get to see Chris Taylor and Brad Miller on the field together. They’ve been in such competition for so long, that it’s nice to not see them battling each other.

5. J.A. Happ has had a handful of terrible starts for the M’s after some initial bad luck in an M’s uniform. The M’s need a deep performance again tonight with the bullpen still trying to play catch up.

6. This is my forum to say goodbye to Dustin Ackley: While Ackley never lived up to the hype, I’ll always respect him. He changed positions, hit anywhere in the order, never said anything, just came to work. Sure, his play wasn’t great, but his work ethic and character were. I’ll never forget his debut, a single off Roy Oswalt, I don’t even need to go to baseball reference to verify that. I’m sad he’s been traded to the Yankees. Seriously, can’t the M’s trade with anyone else? Pineda, Ichiro, Ackley…sigh.

Best of luck Dustin, and Go M’s.

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