Mariners Analysis: Sodo Mojo Podcast, Episode 1


What’s up everyone? I’m still geeked over the Mariners walk-off win against the Blue Jays yesterday, and I bet you are too.

In celebration of the Mariners win over the Jays, and big series with the Diamondbacks starting tonight, we at Sodo Mojo have decided to launch our Sodo Mojo podcast.

I’ve been co-editor here at Sodo Mojo for nearly two months, and it’s time we get to know each other a little better.

Thus, EVERY Monday and EVERY Friday, I am going to be posting this podcast. The podcast will be 10 minutes or less, just talking Mariners, which is what we all love to do.

I’m going to hit on three topics in each episode. I keep it short because I want you to be able to listen on the go, at work, in between commercials. It’s your Mariners quick takes. We all have them, it’s just my forum to get them out.

On today’s first podcast? I tackle the game yesterday and what’s ahead this week. Do I think the M’s make a move at the trade deadline? And let’s all remember Randy Johnson, who was enshrined in Cooperstown yesterday. He may not be the best Mariner of all-time, but he’s right up there as one of the most influential.

Thus, without further adieu…

Again, the Mariners take on the Diamondbacks tonight at Safeco Field (And yes, the D’Backs are 46-51, not 45-51, as I said…I know. We’ll perfect this thing as we go!). Thanks for listening and I hope to have you along for the ride every Monday and every Friday.

Go M’s! You can follow me on Twitter @EastCoastMsMojo

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