Mariners Mid-Season Report Card

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Catcher: Mike Zunino, Grade: F

Well, the best laid plans and all that.  Zunino’s defense and pitch framing have been pretty good, but the bat.  Oh, the bat.  The power is there, no denying that.  He can hit the ball a country mile.  But getting the bat to connect with the ball.  That’s his problem.  Well.  One of his problems.  He also has an abysmal walk rate.  That’s not a good combination.  I’ve heard rumblings that the M’s are looking for a deal to acquire a new catcher.  They may have run out of patience.

First Base: Logan Morrison, Grade: B-

This grade comes more from the fact that there are AL first basemen doing worse than Morrison rather than any brilliance on his part.  He’s hitting close to average and his defense is sub-par.  Keep in mind.  It could be worse.

Second Base: Robinson Cano, Grade: D

I’m not going to write a lot here.  Cano has been bad this year.  Definitely not worth the salary cap room he’s taking up.  Are his woes due to his age?  Is he hurt?  It could be some of both.  Sometimes great players skills just fall of a cliff, but I don’t think that’s what we’re seeing here.  I don’t think he continues to play this poorly.  But will the resurgence come in the 2nd half or will we have to wait until next year?

Third Base: Kyle Seager, Grade: A

He’s solid with the bat and he’s solid with the glove.  Another solid season in the making from Kyle Seager.  He would be the top undervalued Mariner if it wasn’t for the next guy.

Shortstop: Brad Miller, Grade: A

Brad Miller has gotten a lot of stick this year, from fans and the coaching staff.  But all he’s done is put up the 3rd best WAR among qualified AL shortstops (1.7), the 3rd best wOBA (.322), and the number one ranked ISO at .166.  Combine that with average defense and you’ve got a solid A grade in my book.

Overall Grade: C+

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