Mariners Editorials: Ken Griffey Jr. in the Home Run Derby


I’m 25 years old. From approximately age three until age 23, I never missed a home run derby. It was appointment watching for me. Over the last two years, I’ve missed Yoenis Cespedes dominate the event due to daily life and stresses. But tonight’s new “Five-Minute Format” has me re-energized for the event. It’s also a good crop of talent, including Albert Pujols, Kris Bryant, and Prince Fielder.

However, part of what used to make the home run derby so special for me was that Ken Griffey Jr. was in it. Not only was he in it, but he was the best player in the sport. He always had a chance to win. He was my favorite player. And he was ours. He was our own.

So, let’s take a trip down memory lane and relive some Ken Griffey Jr. Home Run Derby moments:

Perhaps the most famous Griffey moment of them all:

Still incredible… Just look at that wry smile when Junior knows he hit the warehouse.

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This clip is much longer, but Junior is still the man. Enjoy the hat backwards look and perfect swing for 11 minutes.

And the there’s this. OK, I know this isn’t the HR Derby, but it’s still two Junior home runs. In the playoffs. Enjoy these too. I know I do.

As a New Yorker now, it’s just fun to see anything Pro-Mariners and Negative-Yankees!

Go M’s.

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