Mariners Analysis: Who’s Hot and Who’s Not

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Jul 7, 2015; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Mariners pitcher Fernando Rodney (56) throws against the Detroit Tigers during the eighth inning at Safeco Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Stock Down: Fernando Rodney

Look I am going to be quite frank, it is time for Fernando to pack his bags and go. I’m tired of seeing Lloyd constantly go to him, as it is quite apparent to me that he is a lost cause.

Over the past week, Rodney has allowed 3 runs on 3 hits across 3 innings of work. He hasn’t recored a scoreless outing since July 5th at Oakland. The worst moment for me came this week against Yoenis Cespedes of the Detroit Tigers in the 8th inning of 6-5 game. Rodney quickly went up 0-2 against him with a pair of beautiful pitches. He was able to paint the corners with both of his first two pitches, and looked to have the at bat under control. However, he then left an 0-2 fastball right down the middle of the plate, and Cespedes deposited it into souvenir city. Cespedes’ dinger gave Detroit the lead.

Two things stuck out to me with this. One, Rodney’s out pitch is his changeup. When he went to the fastball at 0-2, that showed me how little confidence he has with his changeup. And 2, it was inexcusable for him to throw a fastball down the middle when it was supposed to be up.

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