Mariners Interview: Author Michael Emmerich

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BH: Do you have a favorite live Mariners memory? Is there a game or a moment you witnessed in person that stands out?

ME: This is kind of obscure, and it didn’t even happen in a memorable season or in Safeco Field. It was day game in April 1999 at the Kingdome and the M’s fell behind 6-1 to the lowly Tigers. I was just about to call it day when the M’s exploded for 11 runs in the fifth, sparked by a Griffey grand slam. The M’s scored 10 more runs to win 22-6, outscoring the Tigers 21-0 to close out the game. It was the most runs I’ve ever seen scored by one team in a professional baseball game and the most runs ever scored by the Mariners. And I almost left the game out of disgust.

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