Mariners Interview: Author Michael Emmerich

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Jun 14, 2015; Houston, TX, USA; Seattle Mariners second baseman Robinson Cano (22) looks on between plays during the fifth inning against the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

BH: After reading your book, I would say that you know as much about the M’s as anyone alive. What are your thoughts on how this season has gone?

ME: This season is a real head scratcher. I liked what the M’s did during the offseason to address the offense. And many of those moves have actually worked (Cruz, Smith). Cano’s plummet is probably the most unsettling, because it really could be more than a slump. The drop in power and walks and the increase in Ks, well, it leaves you worried that Cano is just another in a long line of second basemen who fail to age well. I expected regression a bit from the pitching, but thought the offense could pick up the slack. Obviously that hasn’t happened. The farm system is a bit on the lean side right now, so the M’s don’t have a ton of pieces to use as trade bait to strengthen the offense. They will have to ride it out and hope they catch fire. After all, they are only 5 games back of the final wild card.

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