Mariners Analysis: Who’s Hot and Who’s Not

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Jun 2, 2015; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Mariners manager Lloyd McClendon (23) kicks dirt after being ejected during the third inning against the New York Yankees at Safeco Field. Third base umpire Tony Randazzo (11) stands at right. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Stock Down: M’s Playoff Chances

I could’ve gone with many candidates here, Robinson Cano, Tom Wilhelmsen, Mark Trumbo, J.A. Happ, but you’ve all seen those names in weeks past, and to be completely honest, nothing has changed since then. They all have been, well, terrible. And plus, I figured Sunday’s game against the Angels didn’t have you down enough, so I thought I’d go ahead and pile it on.

The M’s sit nine games back, and there are no signs from this team that they can turn it around. They sit 7 ½ back in the wildcard, which is just about as daunting as actually winning the division. They’d have to jump six teams to even make it into the second wildcard spot, so excuse me if I don’t seem overly optimistic with those chances. gives the Mariners’ just an 11% chance of making the playoffs, and I think that is being generous.

If all else were equal, and the second wildcard spot would demand an 88-74 record like it did last year, then the M’s will have to finish out the year 54-32, which equates to a winning percentage of .593. Anyone seeing the Mariners’ winning approximately six out of ten the rest of the way, because if so Tweet it now so you can screen shot it and say you called it, because that isn’t happening. Unless this team can go all 1995 Seattle Mariners and win 25 of their final 36 games, it looks like the only tickets you’ll be finding coming October in Seattle, are tickets to watch the Seahawks.

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