Mariners Analysis: I’m Happy For Fernando Rodney


I preface this post by announcing the following disclaimer: I’m 25-years-old. I played four years of college baseball and still play now in various men’s leagues. I’ve coached baseball for the past seven years, from everything from summer travel leagues to college.

I know how hard this game is. So, even though I’m often an irrational sports fan, I always recognize struggles and I just feel bad for players. I feel for Dustin Ackley, who isn’t the hitter we all thought, but appears to be a fine human being.

June 26, 2015; Anaheim, CA, USA; Seattle Mariners relief pitcher Fernando Rodney (56) pitches the ninth inning against the Los Angeles Angels at Angel Stadium of Anaheim. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

And I feel bad for Fernando Rodney, who’s been embattled and mocked. I haven’t been thrilled with Rodney for a lot of his tenure either, but I still feel bad watching him struggle. I’ve had those struggles. But never on that stage. It’s a lonely island.

Thus, last night, when Fernando Rodney entered the game in the ninth inning, I was nervous. But I don’t know if I’ve ever been happy to see him shoot the arrow at the end.

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Rodney has looked better of late. He has a 1.59 ERA over his past six appearances. And Rodney, who we rarely hear speak, has handled his situation like the ultimate professional, we see from this Greg Johns piece on

“Sometimes you have to understand,” Rodney said. “I understand. They give you the chance, they know maybe I’m not as controlled with what I’m doing and they give this kid (Carson Smith) a chance and maybe I’ll learn something. Because this game, no matter how long you’ve been in it, every day you learn something different.”

I give kudos to a veteran, who has just lost his job, who still understands how humbling this game can be.

I know I do.

And for at least a night in Anaheim, I was happy for Fernando Rodney.

Go M’s.

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