Seattle Mariners Unveil 2015 Commercials

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“Bat Control”

For the first time since Lou Piniella departed the Emerald City, the M’s have a skipper with personality. Just like Lou, you do not want to get on the wrong side of Lloyd McClendon. I can remember more than a few occasions last season where an umpire felt the wrath of Lloyd. However, just like in the mid 90’s, the bond the between the players and their boss is obvious.

Robinson Cano is the star of this commercial, and rightfully so. He did a marvelous job of spraying the ball all over the diamond in 2014. Robby can hit the ball with sniper like accuracy. In a season where shifts were applied to nearly every dominant hitter in baseball, it is interesting to note that the opposition plays Cano without a shift.

It seems almost devilish that Lloyd would request to rain down baseballs on someone trying to put a flyer on his car. Although, I would not mind employing a weapon like Cano to club some balls in the direction of Mariners’ haters on twitter!

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