Seattle Mariners Unveil 2015 Commercials

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“Where Does It Go?”

Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of the Mariners to watch last season was the archery inspired celebration by M’s closer Fernando Rodney after each save. Obviously, anytime a club is celebrating a victory it is fun to watch, but there was something different about this. Prior to the involvement of Logan Morrison, however, something was missing. The faces LoMo would make whilst searching the sky for the mystical arrow still bring a smile to my face.

This commercial is perfect in my opinion, and this spot may well be destined for the hall of fame one day. It is nice to see the newest Mariner, Nelson Cruz make his small screen debut. His skepticism of the legitimacy of the arrow is something I can relate to.

The laugh for me is when LoMo confidently says while nodding his head slightly to Cruz, “No bro, it’s real.” If Morrison does not believe in the magical arrows, he did an awfully good job of fooling us last season.

Maybe Rodney’s arrows are like the magic bell in the movie, The Polar Express. Perhaps, you have to allow yourself to truly believe in an illogical thing to see it.

If that is the case, I want the world to know: I believe Rodney, I believe!

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