Seattle Mariners #TBT: Favorite M’s Commercials

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1994 Seattle Mariners Commercials

This era of Mariners’ baseball is arguably the best in the history of the franchise. The play on the field was incredible, but the play off of it was even better. The M’s slogan of, “you gotta love these guys” fit perfectly for this group. Even if you did not like the team, you had to love the players.

The first commercial in this pack is classic Randy Johnson. Long before he was being elected to Cooperstown, The Big Unit was Seattle’s version of Nuke LaLoosh. He was better known for his prepotency to throw wild pitches than his ability to strike people out. In 1994, the last thing you would want to see is Randy hurling knives in your direction. Thankfully, he soon found his command, and became one of the greatest pitchers in Mariners’ history.

Another one I like is Jay Buhner doing stand up comedy. As we are all aware, Buhner is one of the best loved players in club history. He always brought a level of humor to the club, but this commercial proves he was best suited to be a baseball player.

My favorite ad from 1994 is the Dr. Lou Piniella ad. The idea of Sweet Lou being a therapist is hilarious. Although, logic suggests he would have picked up some useful anger management tips over the course of his managerial career. Lou was well known for his tough love approach, but I think the guy in the ad received some useful advice.

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