Taijuan Walker or Roenis Elias: Who gets the final spot?


So far, after two weeks of Spring Training the Mariners pitching rotation have four spots that are guaranteed. Both Taijuan Walker and Roenis Elias are battling for the final pitching spot in the rotation during this Spring Training. Both pitchers make a great case for the fifth spot in the rotation.

There are some things though that might hold both pitchers back. Elias is coming off an impressive rookie season going 10-12 (which I know isn’t impressive to most people) with a 3.85 ERA. Now again most people wouldn’t think that those stats aren’t that impressive but seeing how Elias made his MLB debut after only being in Double-A Jackson the previous year I’d say the kid did pretty good.

Elias got sidelined after the All Star Break due to a shoulder injury that kept him out for the rest of the season. Walker on the other hand had shoulder problems to begin the season!

Walker though showed signs that he was ready to prove his worth. In 2014 he was able to make 5 starts and appear in 8 games. Walker went 2-3 with an impressive 2.61 ERA.

People have said that Walker wont live up to his hype but I say that they are wrong. Dead wrong! Walker this year is coming into Spring Training fully healthy and ready to prove his worth and show people what he’s made of.

Walker to me has the better chance at making the club, Elias on the other had in my opinion will start out in Triple-A Tacoma and if he’s needed will be brought up and used as a long inning reliever.

Its going to be an interesting battle between the two of them. Dan and I will talk about the 5th rotation spot battle next Sunday at 7 PST on Sodo Sunday podcast powered by SodoMojo.com.

Since there wasn’t a lot of news this week there wasn’t anything really to discuss but next week we will have plenty to talk about.