Felix Hernandez and Co. Go Ninja for Spring Training Workouts


Just because Felix Hernandez and the Seattle Mariners are projected by many to win the American League West and make the playoffs in 2015 doesn’t mean they can’t have a little bit of fun. In fact, being loose and having fun and preparing hard are all good things.

Today, at Seattle Mariners Spring Training in Peoria, Arizona, it’s fun times for the Mariners pitching staff.

According to multiple news sources down in Arizona, Felix and the rest of the Mariners pitchers have decided to go ninja for Saturday’s workouts. With gray skies and some rain in Peoria today, the Mariners spirits weren’t dampened despite workouts being cut short.

As you can see in the above pictures and video, Felix Hernandez somehow talked a few of the pitching staff– including closer Fernando Rodney— to tie socks around their heads, bow to each other, and prepare for ninja-y things during their workouts.

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Seeing this sort of activity from the Mariners is encouraging. For a team with such lofty expectations for 2015, it is important that rookies and veterans alike make their season preparation fun and light-hearted. But there is certainly a dynamic to be had. It’s a fine line between having fun and goofing off, but with leaders like Felix Hernandez and Robinson Cano in the locker room, the Mariners won’t be strapped for motivation this Spring.

With just a few days until the Mariners’ first Spring Training game of 2015, the excitement and anticipation for a big season awaits. This team– one that finished 87-75 last season– has an opportunity to establish itself nationally as a contender.

The pitching staff will be deadly– like ninjas– once again in 2015. If the hitting can come around, and it has potential with Nelson Cruz, Cano, and Kyle Seager in the middle of the order, this team has the makings of a deep playoff team.

Though it remains to be seen which of the 61 Spring Training invites will make the 25-man roster, one thing is clear: the Mariners, despite the lofty expectations, are here to play hard and enjoy the ride.