Seattle Mariners Spring Preview: Podcast Recap


Dan and I were back in action last Sunday with Sodo Sunday powered by

We began our Seattle Mariners talk by discussing how the Mariners are highly favored this season to win it all. If you don’t already know, several baseball analysts have the Mariners in the World Series with the Washington Nationals.

Both Dan and I agree that if the Mariners get into the postseason with their pitching……they can be the champs at the end of the year.

Dan and I then answered our first Twitter question which asked us “Who would be the 25th man? Would it be another bench piece or would it be an 8 man bullpen?”

Dan and I both discussed who we thought would make the final spot on the roster and we both had almost the exact same response.

Our expectations for the Mariners here at SodoMojo are pretty high. Dan and I are both agreeing that the Mariners World Series potential is very real. If the Marinersers can find a way to get into the postseason this year and with the pitching they have and the talent that surrounds their lineup they have the tools necessary to win it all!


The Mariners though need to start at the beginning and that’s to get some confidence in Spring Training.

Hopefully we will see a healthy Hisashi Iwakuma and Taijuan Walker out of the gate this year. That’s going to be the biggest thing for the Mariners if they want to keep their World Series hopes alive out of the gate……STAY HEALTHY!!!!

Another thing Dan and I are most excited about and discussed was the power the Mariners now have in their lineup to better help them win more ball games. With Nelson Cruz now helping the lineup and backing up both Robinson Cano and Kyle Seager the Mariners should make a ton of noise in the home run category this year.

We said the M’s may get into the top ten this year in the majors if everything goes well for them.

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Go Mariners!!!!!