Seattle Mariners Truck Day: Off To Spring Training!


With their first scheduled Cactus League game scheduled for March 4th against the Padres, the Seattle Mariners are fast approaching what should be an exciting season.

On Tuesday the Mariners loaded up their equipment truck and sent it rolling down highways on route to the Mariners’ Peoria, Arizona Spring Training Complex.

Truck Day, much like December 1st or the last day of classes in May or June, signals a time for rejoicing. We are so friggin’ close to Mariners baseball. The truck is expected to arrive in Peoria on Thursday; the, pitchers and catchers report on February 20th.

A route explanation from Greg Johns at is warranted here:

"The truck departed Safeco Field at noon PT on Tuesday, beginning a 1,500-mile journey that requires about 22 hours of driving. The plan is to spend Tuesday night at Medford, Ore., stop somewhere north of Los Angeles on Wednesday night and arrive in Peoria on Thursday afternoon."

The truck includes everything the team might need down in Peoria: bats, balls, paper and pens and probably paper clips too– maybe, I don’t know why they’d need paper clips, though. The truck also includes liquid sustenance: water and Gatorade. Heaped back their too is all the gear for the video team who records drills and swings and bullpen sessions to help the Mariners improve as much as possible on their mechanics.

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Once the truck gets to sunny Arizona– a high of 81 degrees on Thursday– the equipment crew will set up the newly redone Peoria Sports Complex, one that will feature a remodeled stadium this spring.

Truck day is another excuse for us to anticipate Seattle Mariners baseball. I don’t know how much more excited I could be. The team is a sexy World Series pick, a statistical favorite to win the AL West, and hungry after falling just one game short in 2014.

Will the M’s be hungry enough in 2015? Either way, they’ll be ready to rock and roll here in just 10 more days– when the likes of Mike Zunino, Felix Hernandez, and James Paxton report. I can’t wait.