Seattle Mariners: My Personal Expectations For 2015


As Seattle Mariners spring training draws near, I find myself becoming more and more excited for April 6 (64 days as of this writing).

During football season, I find myself in conversations equating “St. Louis” to the Rams, vs. the Cardinals, and “Minnesota” with the Vikings, and I personally find it a little disconcerting. But now that spring training is a month away, I’m more and more excited for the Opening Day festivities.

So, now the question for me becomes: “What can I expect the M’s to do (realistically) next year?”

I’m not expecting them to win 116 games. Hell, I don’t think anybody was expecting the M’s to win 116 games at the beginning of last year, but that’s beside the point.

In my eyes, the Mariners made almost all the right moves this offseason, barring trading Michael Saunders, and improved their roster from top to bottom.

They should be a force to contend with this year. Lets dissect the schedule by month:

April: 22 games

16 of them are against AL West opponents–Six against Texas, four against Houston, three against each Oakland and the Angels. The other six are two three-game series against the Dodgers and Twins. Twelve games are at home, ten are on the road.

April is the month that the M’s get to show the AL West what they have become over the winter. Barring catastrophic injuries, the M’s will be at their healthiest (yes, as will the other teams) and most potent. I’m confident the M’s will show up big, and will avoid another debatably abysmal April last year that saw an eight-game losing streak en-route to an 11-14 record.

The new players on the Mariners roster will have some adjusting to do, but the talent the roster now has will overcome, for the time being.

Prediction: 13-9

May: 28 games

Nine are against the AL West–a series each against Houston, L.A., and Oakland to start, followed by their first crack at their interleague “rival” San Diego Padres. The AL East comes to visit, sans Yankees. Cleveland makes a trip to Safeco for four games to finish the month. All in all, 13 home games (including a nine-game home stand from the 8th to 17th, 15 on the road.

Boston had an off-year last year, but picked up some major players this offseason, and in general, the AL East scares me a little.

Prediction: 14-14

Overall: 27-23

June: 27 games

Only six games against their division this month. The M’s have seven games in a row at home to start, and another eight-game home stand late in the month. Of note, they play the reigning World Series champion Giants in San Francisco for two games, and then they come back home for the next two games of the series, on June 17 and 18. You’ll see me at one of those games for sure.

They play both 2014 World Series teams in June, which should make for good television. Not particularly worried about any of the other teams they play. Playing at home for most of the month puts the M’s on a hot streak.

Prediction: 18-9

Overall: 45-31

July: 27 games

Barring the All-Star break, the Mariners don’t have any days off in July. They play 13 games at home, 14 on the road. Eight games are against the AL West, and the M’s face the Tigers almost as much as they play their division (seven games: three at home, four on the road). Of note: The M’s and the Arizona Diamondbacks play each other for the first time since June 20, 2012. Since 2006, the Mariners are 7-2 against the D-Backs.

Prediction: 15-12

Overall: 60-44

August: 28 games

On top of nine AL West games, August features a trip down to Colorado and a mix of AL East and Central teams. Of note: Since 2008, the Mariners have a 17-39 record against the White Sox. In the past two years, the competition has been less lopsided; the M’s hold a 7-6 record against the Sox in that span. I expect the M’s to perform well against them this year.

Prediction: 18-10

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Overall: 78-54

September/October: 30 games

I’m including October because they finish off the season with three games against Oakland Oct. 2-4 (Yay, we play in October regardless!)

Per usual, the Mariners close off the season with almost exclusively division opponents–24 games to be exact. Two series’ against the Royals and Rockies are the only non-AL West teams the Mariners play in this span. The M’s finish the season strong, and head into the playoffs confident.

Prediction: 17-13

Final record: 95-67

Is this a little bit biased, and/or hopeful? Probably. But they’re my Mariners, and I will always have faith.