Twitter Tuesday: Fan Reaction To Mariners FanFest


This past weekend was the annual Mariners FanFest. If you haven’t seen it already, be sure to check out my photo gallery from our trip up to FanFest and my subsequent critique of the event.

Now that it is over, that means Spring Training is that much closer to becoming reality. So, in the spirit of FanFest, for today’s Twitter Tuesday, we take a look at some of the best tweets from you – the fans – from FanFest.

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We start with some player sightings. The most sought after player was of course, Nelson Cruz.

Another popular player at this year’s FanFest was Fernando Rodney. Fans could pose “shooting an arrow” like Rodney. On occasion, Rodney would pop in and photo bomb the photo op.

Another fan favorite had to be the always fan friendly, Taijuan Walker. Walker was dropping in on fan’s pics all day and his shoes were the talk of the town. But this pic is my favorite of him this weekend.

Of course, everyone’s favorite dancing machine, Tom Wilhelmsen, was also making an impression with the fans. He was asked to dance several times over the weekend, to which he was more than happy to oblige. And of course, he popped into many pics as well.

Wilhelmsen also was rocking the new beard hat for this year’s promotion. Wilhelmsen is likely headed to an arbitration hearing with the Mariners, as the two sides are fairly far apart on the contract.

Fans, I’m sure, are hoping that it gets resolved with no hurt feelings, so he will stay in Seattle for some time to come.

Finally, there is only one thing left to say.