Kyle Seager Named On All-Underrated Team


David Schoenfield of recently came out with two lists. The current all-underrated team and the all-time underrated team.

But how do you determine what an underrated player is? With the all-time team, Schoenfield uses career WAR and compares it to other players that are more well-known. For the current team, according to Schoenfield:

"… perception is these players are better than widely believed or haven’t yet received the kind of attention you would expect given their value. For some, maybe they have had only one big year; for others, maybe it’s because they play in a small market. Regardless, I expect all these guys to be productive regulars again in 2015."

On the current list, Mariners fans will be happy – albeit somewhat surprised perhaps – to find a familiar face: Third baseman Kyle Seager.

Seager may be underrated by the rest of the league, but for Mariners fans and the Mariners organization in general, it’s hard to find the All-Star, Gold Glove third baseman to be underrated.

Especially after giving him a 7-year $100 million contract extension earlier this offseason.

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Seager hit 25 homers and drove in almost 100 RBI for a team where offense was at a premium in 2014. Schoenfield has a great list filled with many underrated players – though fans of the other players’ teams may argue that their guy isn’t all that underrated either.

It’s a good read and you should take the time to check out both.

For the all-time list, first baseman John Olerud makes the cut.

Olerud spent four and a half of his 17 seasons with the Mariners and I can tell you first-hand that Mariners fans did not underrate or under-appreciate Olerud.

He won the only three Gold Gloves of his career while with Seattle and made his 2nd All-Star appearance (and final as well).

Again, Schoenfield has some great players on this list – even a Hall of Famer.

What do you think? Is Seager an underrated player now that he has his 7-year extension? Do you think Olerud was an underrated player?