Mariners Talk Back On The Air Sunday


This Sunday, Mariners Talk – powered by – is back on the air after taking a week off. This week SodoMojo Co-editor Dan Hughes may be able to join in the fun for the first time for the 2015 season.

There may also be another special guest as well to talk Mariners. This week, Dan and I will be starting off Mariners Talk with discussing the recent acquisition of OF Seth Smith and discuss the good’s and the bad’s about the trade.

Though, since Brandon Maurer was dealt, Mariners fans can FINALLY relax now right? Right, wait wrong WRONG!

Trust me, you may be wondering why I just typed that but you’ll find out everything on Sunday at 7 pm PST.

Along with talking about the trade in our first segment, we will be talking about how the Mariners aren’t and shouldn’t be done with acquiring players and we’ll drop a couple names.

After we take our first break we’ll be getting into our Mariners Memories topic.

This week were going to be talking about the Mariners history in general. Ups, downs, lows, really lows.  I mean EVERYTHING!

We’ll be talking about the beginning years up until the mid 80’s. As any REAL Mariners fan knows that in the mid 80’s saw the Mariners show signs that they were close to a winning season, they had the talent but something was just missing. The Mariners had the potential talent of stars but the front office had other ideas and shipped off some great players. But then in 1987 the Mariners had the first pick in the draft and that one pick set the course of the M’s mediocrity to end in the coming years.

Then we’ll get into the Ken Griffey, Jr., years and the players that followed him. When Griffey began his career the Mariners already had some talent that could have helped the team make a run for the post season. This talent featured Harold Reynolds, Omar Vizquel, Randy Johnson, Edgar Martinez, and other players who could have really propelled this team into the playoffs.

I don’t want to reveal all the details on what we’ll be talking about want to make you all surprised. Just be sure to tune in on Sunday at 7 PST on our Talk Shoe page. If you would like to call into the show to talk Mariners or ask us questions about the team or the Mariners Memories topic, call 724-444-7444 and then put in the Call ID 129537#.

Hope to have you guys tune in, the season is only three months away from starting and has the podcast to help get the season started early!

GO Mariners!!!!!