Logan Morrison Wins The Internet Once Again With Ugly Sweater


When the Seattle Mariners traded for Logan Morrison last offseason, fans knew they were getting a character. He is engaged with his Twitter followers and often posts amusing things for all to see.

He has also posted some inappropriate comments to people that seemingly upset him. And I will be the first to admit that I was skeptical that he would be able to keep his trap shut long enough to be a productive contributor to the team in 2014.

Much like my criticism of Taijuan Walker‘s use of Twitter, I was afraid of what LoMo’s use of Twitter would do to the team image.

After the first few months, it’s almost as if his Twitter was shut down. Whether that was the team trying to contain him, or whether it was his own choice, LoMo went onto a fairly productive season for the Mariners – especially down the stretch – and the Twitter comments were not an issue.

Now, many of you have probably already seen this, but LoMo strikes again. And this time, I’m loving it. Morrison recently posted a pic of him in a what can only be described as an “Ugly Christmas Sweater” sent by a friend. What follows is true hilarity.

And while the sweater is bad – and funny – enough, my wife was quick to point out the headband he was wearing as being a bigger fashion offender than the sweater.

So what’s the deal LoMo? Did you come straight from your Jazzercise workout and put on your sweater for the Christmas party?

Whatever the reason for the sweater, or the headband, everyone is a winner here.

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