Mariners Talk is back in action!


You know you’ve missed it, you know you’ve missed our witty banter, and you know you have longed to hear some Mariners Talk powered by! Well you are going to get your wish folks……WERE BACK!!!

Dan wont be able to join us for the first Mariners Talk of the 2015 season. Yes, I know its still 2014 get off my back will yeah? Jeez!

The first Mariners Talk podcast of the 2015 season will kick off this Sunday at 7 PST with one of’s newest writers Jon O’Connor.

Me and Jon will get the show kicked off by talking about how good it feels being back on the air and Jon will talk about how it feels being on the air for the first time.

Before all this though Mariners Talk is bringing back a flash from the past with our brand spanking new opening theme! Were not going to spoil the surprise because honestly what kind of people would we be if we did that?

No, seriously what kind? I mean I think we would be a buncha jerk wads if we did that.

Moving on. Following me and Jon’s discussion on the upcoming 2015 season and how well the Mariners off season has been going we’ll go into Mariners Talk always popular discussion of our off current topic.

Since the Hall of Fame ballot is all rapped up and done I figured me and Jon will discuss that and how Edgar Martinez ONCE AGAIN was snubbed out of it. Follow that me and Jon will go into an extra off current topic and discuss our probable 2015 Opening Day starting lineups for the Mariners.

To rap up’s first Mariners Talk podcast I think me and Jon would like to answer some of your questions and concerns about the upcoming season. You have plenty of time to get your questions. If you want to ask me or Jon a question send us a tweet on Twitter @SodoMojoFS using the hash tag #MarinersTalk and on Facebook comment your questions as well. We wont be able to get to all of your questions but we’ll answer as many as we can get to in a certain time frame.

Don’t forget if you want to listen in just go to our Talk Shoe page and you can call in if you would like to ask us a question personally. Just dial (724) 444-7444 and then enter the Call ID 129537#.

We hope you will join us on Sunday. GO Mariners!!!