Are the Mariners Interested in Carlos Quentin?


The San Diego Padres have been a team that has made some incredible moves this off-season, completely transforming their outfield, and team for that matter.

The Mariners have made some smaller moves since adding Nelson Cruz, leaving fans somewhat distraught.

With the additions of Justin Upton and Matt Kemp, it is looking like Carlos Quentin may be the player pushed out the door in SD.

MLBTR links the Mariners as a possible trade suitor for Quentin out of San Diego, this is interesting to say the least.

Immediately i’m hesitant for two reasons, a large contract and a history of injuries.

Quentin hasn’t played a full season, really ever. 131 games is the most he’s played in a season and he hasn’t played more than 90 since 2011.

On the other side of that argument is that Quentin wouldn’t be asked to play right field everyday in Seattle, it would be a platoon situation with the newly acquired Justin Ruggiano and apparently perhaps Brad Miller.

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Quentin could also potentially DH to give Nelson Cruz a day off if need be.

Money is another issue attached to Quentin who is owed $8 million in 2015 and has a $10 million dollar option for 2016, but the Padres will be desperate to move him and thus should be willing to eat some of that salary as well.

In terms of what the M’s will have to give up, I’m not going to speculate much there but it wouldn’t be much.

This move is not a spectacular or an eye popping move but it may be a chance worth taking for Seattle.

When healthy, Quentin has tremendous power and ability to drive in runs. Without the pressures of having to play everyday or playing through an injury, Quentin just may be able to play a full season in a platoon role.

If platooning in right field is what the Mariners are planning in 2015, adding Quentin with Ruggiano and Miller certainly is not going to hurt anything.

If the Padres are willing to pay a good portion of his salary, I like this idea. Quentin starts in right field a few games week and can be a great option off the bench for the Mariners or as a DH giving Cruz a day off here and there, keeping Cruz healthy.

Again, it is not flashy but it may be something to think about.