Seattle Mariners: No Moves, No Panic


With the Winter Meetings a distant memory, Mariner fans everywhere are a bit antsy.

No major move came in San Diego when all the GM’s had a large cocktail party and many exchanged players with one another.

While all that was going on, Jack Z was drinking ginger ale in the corner and plotting his next move…right?

Well, many thought it could be a move for someone like Melky Cabrera or Alex Rios, nope. Melky did seem to be the target, but he chose another path.

With the signing of Nelson Cruz earlier in the off-season, it is easy as a fan to want to ride that signing into another major signing to “complete” the roster.

Especially with the trade of Michael Saunders, many thought it was all but a certainty that the M’s would sign a big hitting Right Fielder.

Trade for Matt Kemp? Nope, he slid down I-5 a bit and stayed in sunny Southern California.

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Trade for Justin Upton? Nope, at least not yet. Atlanta’s asking price was just too high, perhaps it has come down in recent days?

Regardless of the possibilities of a trade, or recent rumors that the M’s are close to acquiring another bat, I am not going to speculate.

Why not?

Well, it is fun, but here is why not.

Because, really, it doesn’t matter to me what happens right now. The players I thought were a great fit are off the board or the asking price is too high.

Another reason is because I feel the Mariners are just fine right now.

With a potential lineup as of right now looking like:

Jackson CF

Ackley LF

Cano 2B

Cruz DH

Seager 3B

Morrison 1B

Zunino C

Romero RF

Taylor SS

I feel okay about these 9 guys, and here is a simple reason why, maturity.

These guys sprinkled around veterans like Jackson, Cano and Cruz are just fine. They all got a taste of contending for a playoff spot for the first time in their careers last year.

You WILL see a rise in Zunino’s batting average in 2015, with his work ethic it is hard to see that he  wont improve there.

Romero, being the guy i’d be most nervous about, is another year older and the more AB’s he has the better he will get. There is power and ability in this guy.

Taylor I don’t mind in the 9-hole. I think his AB’s will be better and he will continue to improve as time goes on and he plays regularly.

If Morrison can stay healthy, he can hold down the fort until when/if Peterson is ready to make the jump.

Key word here is patience, Mariner fans.

We’ve been waiting around for over a decade…we can wait a few more months if we have to. If we go into opening day without another move, or even if we make a smaller addition, just be patient.

Let April and May play itself out. Jack Z will not let the Mariner ball club fall out of playoff contention without exhausting all of his options.