Bovada Lists Mariners As MLB’s Fourth-Best Odds To Win 2015 World Series


Now that the Seattle Mariners landed their middle of the lineup slugger, Nelson Cruz, Vegas is showing some love to the Mariners.

According to Bovada’s latest figures, the Mariners have the fourth-best odds of winning the 2015 World Series at 14-to-1.

That number improved from 18-to-1 odds that were released shortly after the 2014 World Series. According to Bovada, the Los Angeles Dodgers and Washington Nationals sit at 15-to-2 odds, followed by the Boston Red Sox at 9-to-1 odds.

The Chicago Cubs, Detroit Tigers and Los Angeles Angels all sit at 12-to-1 odds.

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So the Mariners have three AL teams with better odds ahead of them and some may argue with the moves the Chicago White Sox have made recently, they may be coming up fast.

If the Mariners can figure out their right field situation, that could improve their odds yet again.

The Mariners have watched Melky Cabrera and Alex Rios sign deals in the last few days. They also lost on on the trade front for Matt Kemp (Padres) and Yoenis Cespedes (Tigers).

There is a lot of noise surrounding Nori Aoki and whether his bat – though left-handed – could help the M’s. He did bat .363 against lefties in 2014, so perhaps he is a solid option in a platoon.

But for now, it’s the 4-year $57 million deal the Mariners signed Cruz to that has increased their odds for now.

We’ll see what happens if and when another move is made.