Mariners and Nats Talking Ian Desmond


As we wrap up the Wednesday portion of the 2014 winter meetings, the M’s are still relatively quiet to this point.

Although a new potential name has surfaced, the Washington Nationals short stop Ian Desmond.

MLB trade rumors mentioned that the two teams have had discussions but haven’t really gained much ground.

This is a pretty interesting development as I thought the Mariners would likely settle at short stop with either Brad Miller or Chris Taylor. Neither guy is as offensive as Desmond that’s for sure.

The 29-year old Desmond is coming off of a year in which he hit 24 home runs and drove in 91, which was a career high.

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Coming with the power is speed as well. Desmond has been a 20HR/20SB guy in each of the previous three seasons. It would be nice to have pop and speed added to the M’s line-up.

It is pretty safe to say it’s been a while since the M’s had that kind of power out of the short stop position.

The Nationals are rumored to like Brad Miller, but the M’s would certainly have to add to that package to land Desmond. The addition may be a reliever or even J.A Haap.

If you’re wondering about contract situations, Desmond will become a free agent following the 2015 season.

Again it seems these are just the preliminary talks about this possible deal, but it is something to think about as we head into day four in San Diego.