Mariners are close to winning the offseason


Well, last week was fun for the Mariners. Kyle Seager’s 7-year $100 million dollar deal was finalized along with the signing of Nelson Cruz.

The Mariners so far are winning the off season, and this is coming from me, they are one more good signing away from winning the off season and perhaps putting the finishing touches on what could be a pennant winning Mariners club.

Right now there are two big names who are on the Mariners radar that have writers talking.

First lets talk about what I call the least and not so much favorite of targets. Matt Kemp. Kemp to me is not the player the Mariners really should invest in, for one thing it would end up costing the Mariners either Taijuan Walker or James Paxton and Brad Miller.

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Now let me think this through ok? Since Kemp’s MVP caliber type season in 2011 Kemp has been somewhat injury prone over the last 3 years.

Now, me I really don’t think Kemp is worth Tai, Pax, or Miller. And really I’m not a fan of a guy who is coming over from the National League, the Mariners have never had that much success with those guys.

Also both Taijuan and Paxton are KEY players that are going to be a big help for the Mariners for this upcoming season, and also Miller is getting a lot of looks from other teams who are only really asking for him in exchange for at least two of their players so I wouldn’t be trading him for just Kemp. Get something more outta him.

Now lets talk about the player who is more likely to end up wearing teal and navy next season. Melky Cabrera. Cabrera has been rumored to have been offered a contract by the Mariners within the same range of Cruz’s contract.

Cabrera 2 years ago was suspended for 50 games without pay for testing positive for high levels of testosterone, he did win a World Series ring with the 2012 Giants and during that off season signed a 2-year $16 million dollar deal with the Toronto Blue Jays.

Last year Cabrera had his best season with the Jays, batting .301 with 16 home runs and 63 RBI’s.

Cabrera was caught doing PED’s yes but since he has come off the juice (same with Cruz) he’s done nothing but produce and put up good consistent numbers. He is the most likely candidate the Mariners would go out and get.

Not only do the Mariners keep their prime pitchers but they also hold onto a potential big trade value player in Miller. Its going to be interesting to see what the Winter Meetings bring this year for the Mariners, it could mean their season really depending on who they sign or make a move to get.