Seattle Mariners Not Interested In Justin Upton?


After speaking with Jim Bowden and Jim Duquette on MLB Radio Network this past week, Atlanta Braves GM John Hart is sending lots of halfway messages regarding his team and the trade market.

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One such name that is very often rumored in trade talks is outfielder Justin Upton. The Braves GM says they are “not active” with Justin Upton, whatever that really means.

But after his time on the radio with Jim and Jim, the two radio broadcasters took to twitter to send out some synoptic tweets about their conversation with the Braves’ showrunner:

Bowden is referring to potential contract extensions for these two players. As many know, Justin Upton is a free agent after this season. Evan Gattis, the catcher, first baseman, and corner outfielder, is not a free agent until 2019. It is understandable that the Braves aren’t looking to sign them both long-term just yet. Just look at the contracts this team gave out to B.J. Upton and Dan Uggla and it’s easy to sympathize with their reticence. And with that notion of a ‘rebuilding year’ in 2015, talking trades seems to make a lot of sense.

John Hart then proceeded to make a statement of semantics regarding Justin Upton trade talks:

Sure, the Braves haven’t made any calls, but they are certainly fielding them and entertaining trade offers. In saying this, Hart is conveying his lack of desperation to deal Justin Upton, forcing other teams to really sweeten the deal and over-trade to get their hands on the outfield slugger.

With all the smoke and mirrors talk, Jim Duquette jumped on twitter too to talk about the possibility of re-signing Justin Upton or giving him a contract extension:

So what does all this even mean for the Seattle Mariners? The Braves are willing to make a trade but it sounds like they want to be blown out of the water with an offer. Rumors have swirled that the Oakland Athletics– fresh off their trade of All-Star 3rd baseman Josh Donaldson— have talked with the Braves about both Gattis and Upton, dangling Jeff Samardzija as bait.

But it doesn’t sound like the Mariners have made that offer that includes a big name like Taijuan Walker. Maybe people are trying to inflate the market by fabricating the Mariners’ interest in Justin Upton. Or perhaps like last year with the signing of Robinson Cano, GM Jack Z and Co. are keeping talks and contract offers under wraps in hopes of operating at their most effective level.

Are the Mariners out on Justin Upton? They don’t seem to be out on anybody just yet. But it seems as if the M’s are not willing to overpay in a ‘desperation’ move. After all, the M’s were only 1.0 games out of the playoffs in 2014.