Will Mariners Fans Have More To Be Thankful For This Weekend?


Thanksgiving is upon us. And while many of you will be traveling to visit friends and loved ones, watching parades, watching football and eating yourselves into a tryptophan coma, Mariners fans can also hold onto hope that this long weekend will produce some good news.

Rumors have been swirling since the end of the regular season about the Mariners being connected to this player or that player either via trade or free agency. And one by one, those names have gone elsewhere.

Victor Martinez? — Signed with Detroit.
Hanley Ramirez? — Signed with Boston.
Billy Butler? — Went to Oakland.
Michael Cuddyer? — Off to Queens to play for the Mets.
The Kung Fu Panda, Pablo Sandoval? — Joining Hanley in Boston.
Russell Martin? — North of the border to Toronto.
Yasmany Tomas? — To the desert to play with the Diamondbacks for less money than most thought he would get.

The Mariners seem to be running out of options, yet I am still all but certain that the Mariners will make a significant move. It may just not be the one the majority of fans will like.

Trade for Matt Kemp?
Trade for Yoenis Cespedes?
Trade for Justin Upton?
Sign Nelson Cruz?

Those are the main ones we have been hearing. But there is also Nick Markakis and Melky Cabrera out there (though neither are right-handed). There is also the fan-favorite Kendrys Morales…..the longer I see him sit unsigned by a team OTHER than Seattle, the more nervous I get.

So, we will continue to watch Twitter, check in with contacts and hope that something of significance is done this weekend. Something to give Mariners fans a little something extra to be thankful for heading into the 2015 season.

And if not, well, the Winter Meetings are right around the corner.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!