Yasmani Tomas Rumors Indicate Mariners May Still Have A Shot


The sweepstakes for Cuban outfielder Yasmani Tomas is still alive and well. Seeing as no one has signed the young stud just yet, the Seattle Mariners still stand a chance to win his services.

According to Peter Gammons:

What does lurking mean, exactly? I’m not entirely sure. But seeing that the Braves, Giants, and Padres have already given offers to Tomas leaves me both concerned and hopeful.

I am hopeful of the Mariners signing Yasmani Tomas because he hasn’t yet taken one of the offers from the Braves, Giants, or Padres. That means he is still weighing his options, or perhaps still hoping that someone like the Phillies, Diamondbacks, or Mariners give him an offer. That means there is still time for the M’s to go out there and bid for his services.

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But the opportunity to still make Tomas an offer is also concerning. Because at this point, if the Mariners really want him, they will have to outbid the three teams that have already made formal offers. And with that, the Mariners will like have to overpay even a little bit more because Seattle isn’t yet a desirable location for free agents. If the M’s really want Yasmani Tomas, they have to bid and overbid to get him, which could end up strapping them financially.

This very ominous tweet from Peter Gammons is also concerning because it sounds like the Mariners are remaining on the periphery on yet another bat that would give the team more value on offense.

MLBTradeRumors.com mentioned that the Mariners were in on Russell Martin until the very end; the Mariners also let Billy Butler go to the Athletics for a 3-year/$30 million deal, a type of contract that would have been in line with what the Mariners should have paid him.

I know the Mariners are being patient, and I am thankful that GM Jack Z is taking his time in hopes of making the right move. But there’s still that fine line between strategic patience and doing nothing, and I hope the M’s fall into the former category at off-season end, not the latter.