Mariners Rumors: Team Prefers Nelson Cruz Over Hanley


We all know that the Mariners need to improve their offense. Having averaged 3.9 runs scored per game in each of the last two seasons, if the Mariners could tick that number North, imagine how many wins they could’ve had.

So what’s the plan? Victor Martinez and Michael Cuddyer are off the table. Rumors abound on a number of players.

Today, in a notes column by Ken Rosenthal, it appears the team may have narrowed their focus.

"As the Mariners continue their search for a right-handed hitter, they are more interested in signing free agent Nelson Cruz or trading for the Dodgers’ Matt Kemp than signing free agent Hanley Ramirez.Oh, and don’t forget — the Braves’ Justin Upton is somewhere on their wish list, too.The Mariners are going to do something."

Well they’d better. And while I’m still hesitant to give Cruz a four or five year deal, I’m even more hesitant to give Hanley a six year deal.

While Ramirez is probably the best bat on the market, his injury history is of serious concern.

The Braves are looking to rebuild and will be looking to move Justin Upton. If the price is Taijuan Walker, there better be more involved on the Braves end then a one-year rental of Upton.

Still, I would prefer the team go after Yasmany Tomas and Billy Butler, but I’m not running the team.

If this article is any indication, we may not have to wait much longer to see who the answer is in Jack Zduriencik’s opinion.

Buckle up.