The Seattle Mariners Still Very Much Players for Yasmani Tomas


Even though the Philadelphia Phillies are considered the front-runners for Cuban outfielder Yasmani Tomas‘ services, the Seattle Mariners are still players in the sweepstakes.

From Jon Heyman:

The Mariners are expected to workout Tomas in the near future, though details on the Cuban defectors potential signing spots are few and far between.

Yasmani Tomas is considered a power outfield bat. He would likely play right field in the MLB, and his right handed power profiles for a middle-of-the-order type guy.

Those two qualities are precisely what the 2015 Seattle Mariners need. Right field has been a carousel of oft-injured players and better-suited-for-DH players in recent seasons.

If Michael Saunders could stay healthy for 150 games in a season there’s a chance the spot could be his.

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But Tomas would theoretically fill the outfield power void for the Seattle Mariners. Even if he would start the season in the Minor Leagues to get his timing and discipline, he would certainly have the potential to provide power and value for the Mariners in 2015.

His price tag will be high, though. Most expect him to exceed Rusney Castillo‘s 6-year/$72.5 million deal with the Red Sox during the 2014 season. Some say he wants $100 million, a number he could get with the offensively starved free agent market.

Could Tomas be the answer to some of the Mariners needs? Of course he could be. But the question remains: is a 7-year/$100 million contract too great a price tag for someone who may not necessarily flourish in the MLB?