Mariners Now Unlikely To Go For Adam Lind


The Toronto Blue Jays have traded first baseman and designated hitter Adam Lind, but to the Milwaukee Brewers. The Brewers sent right-handed pitcher Marco Estrada north to Canada.

Adam Lind had spent 9 years with the Blue Jays.

Earlier in the offseason there was speculation that the Seattle Mariners may be looking to trade for Lind, primarily to play DH. Now that he’s been sent to Milwaukee, it is unlikely they will turn around and trade him to someone else. It’s curious though that the Brewers traded for Lind, a guy who seems better suited to be a full-time DH type in the coming seasons.

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Lind, 31, had a .321 batting average with 6 home runs and 40 RBI in 96 games last season with the Blue Jays, where he missed significant time to a back injury and a right foot injury.

Lind would have provided much more than the Mariners’ DHs in 2014, as his lifetime average is .273 and he has 146 home runs and 519 RBI in 9 seasons.

With Adam Lind now seemingly out of the running for the Mariners, who will they be looking into as potential trade targets and free-agent acquisitions?

It’s a long offseason and the Mariners are expected to make moves. See us here at Sodo Mojo for all the analysis and updates.